• Where to dine in Makati?

    Sala Bistro

    One of the restaurants that is intimidating at first but once you have entered the bistro, you will get sucked in by the sublime, minimal and very classy interiors.

    Upper East

    Expect to be serenaded as you sip your wine and savor every bite of your meal. It is named after the world-famous area of Manhattan in New York City.

    Museum Cafe

    Also known as M Cafe, it has a minimalist interior ambiance and outdoor seating located at the ground floor of the famous Ayala Museum. M Cafe offers a sumptuous selection of fusion cuisine inspired from the Asia Pacific Region.

    Elbert's Stake Room

    Made for steal lovers and for those who are looking for an outstanding steak experience, primarily a dinner restaurant that opens at 6:30 PM.

    Coffee and Tea Restaurants around Makati City

    Apartment 1B

    Find a slice of heaven out of the unexpected places in Makati, the restaurant represents itself like an apartment plus the homey environment. It has the very famous Frozen Pie (Vanilla Ice Cream with Oreo Crust drizzled with Caramel and Chocolate Syrup with Crushed Walnut) that is definitely a reward for you worth fighting until the last bite.

    Cheesecake Etc.

    After you have gone for a drinking session, drop yourself off to the most delicious cake shop where you can see all the mouth-watering desserts like their famous Blueberry Cheesecake.

    Cafeccino by DOME

    At first glance, you will think that this coffee place is perfect "grandpa place" but it is actually a haven for everyone. Interiors are tasteful but nothing flamboyant, antique statues and soft lights set the mood for a lazy after work attitude.

    Seafood Restaurants in Makati City

    Tony Roma's Restaurant

    It has been famous for ribs for more than 30 years, it is an American restaurant which takes pride on their baby back ribs, seafood and steaks.

    Via Mare

    Providing impeccable cuisine and unparalleled service, through the years, its restaurant outlets and catering division brought pride to the Philippines through its tireless pursuit of elevating Filipino cooking to a global status at par with the world's best.

    Fish out of the Water

    This is the Red Crab's venture into a more sophisticated seafood dining experience. This is also a tribute to Filipinos who were very successful outside the Philippines and brought pride to our country.